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Mining Minerals and Environment Issues
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Thailand's 60 million people inhabit a thriving nation in the heart of Southeast Asia. Approximately the size of France (514,000 sq. km., 198,000 sq. mi.), it is shaped like an elephant's head facing west, its trunk dangling into Malaysia. Its people, predominantly Buddhist farmers and fishermen, are governed by a constitutional monarchy. They are noted for their independent spirit and calm tolerance, never having been colonised nor fought a civil or religious war. They revere a king who has devoted his life to rural development. Nearly eight million Thais live in the capital, Bangkok, a prosperous city whose dynamism is reflected in skyscrapers and expressways. Despite Bangkok's central role in administration and business, is an island in a otherwise tropical nation. Geographically, Thailand is divided into five regions. In the Central region, the Chao Phya River bisects a broad, fertile valley that rises to the mountains of Burmese border on the west and to the Northeastern plateau to the east. To the southeast of Bangkok is the East Coast, an area of low hills, lush rubber and fruit plantations, and a beautiful shoreline fronting the Gulf of Thailand. The mountainous, cool North, with Chiang Mai as its principal city, is hemmed by Laos and Myanmar while the South is a peninsula stretching to Malaysia and influenced by its Muslim culture. The South also holds some of Thailand's most beautiful beaches including Phuket, Asia's most popular holiday resort. Throughout Thailand you'll discover superb arts and culture that make shopping a delight. You can embark on sports & adventure travel with treks, elephant safaris, 4WD-expeditions, or yacht cruises to discover the kingdom's natural beauty. Or take a golfing holiday, relax on a beautiful beach, shop or enjoy Thailand's incomparable cuisine. All these await you in Thailand. Thailand has a humid, tropical climate, and it is hot all year round. Summer is from March to May with average temperatures around 93 F (34 C), but the temperature can reach over 105 F (40 C) for extended periods. Summer monsoons begin as the warm humid air masses flow towards the north from the Indian Ocean. The rainy season, with periods of sunshine, lasts from June to September, with temperatures ranging from 80 F to 89 F (27 C to 32 C). The amount of rainfall varies with topography. The northeast receives the least rain, while the south is flooded during the summer months. The best time to visit Thailand is during the cool season, from October though February, when it is not as humid as during the summer and the rainy seasons. The average temperature is around 65 F to 89 F (18 C to 32 C). During this season, it can be very chilly in the north, with temperatures dropping to 44 F (7 C) at night.

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